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How it all works.


The Courts Determine a Bail Amount

As a way of ensuring that a defendant appears in court at each of their scheduled dates, a bail amount is given by the courts. If paid, this bail amount allows for the defendant to be released from jail, and remain free during their entire court case.

Contact an Agent Immediately to Secure a Bail Bond

Once bail has been set, Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding can provide you with all the information and service you need to navigate this process with ease. Our expert agents will help you secure bail as quickly as possible.

Service Fee

PNWBB provides outstanding service at the best possible rates. We're authorized in the state of Washington to issue bail bonds at the discounted rate of 8% and the industry standard 10% rate. These rates apply to the total bail amount set by the courts, and are non-refundable. In most cases collateral and co-signers are required.

A Bond is Posted and the Defendant Released

After working with you to secure the service fee and collateral, we issue a bail bond to the court and the defendant is released. The bond remains active for the duration of the defendant's case and is exonerated once all conditions of the court have been satisfied. 




Read the FAQs or call now to learn more about qualifying for discounted rates. Payment arrangements can be made to accommodate financial hardships.

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