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Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding (PNWBB) is a bail bond agency located directly in the heart of Seattle’s Central district, servicing all 39 counties in Washington state. We provide clients with expert bail bond services to meet their urgent needs. We understand that legal situations are often very complex and stressful on families. Our goal is to assist our clients with compassion, generous knowledge, and the highest level of professionalism. For the last decade, we’ve built strong relationships with our clients, local community, state attorneys, and national industry leaders - making us a preferred agency in the Northwest.



JoVon Bosley is a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor, serving Seattle, WA for over 4 decades. She is a licensed bail bond agent with a background in real estate and construction management, as well as a former paralegal with the Marshall Firm. She holds a Bachelor's in Education and Community Service from Evergreen State College.


JoVon manages and oversees operations at Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding. She is a licensed Notary Public, certified counselor and mentor, and founder of the HIBB Foundation-Helping Individuals Become Better.


JoVon is passionate about making a difference in her community, particularly in lives of young people. She is committed to exceptional service, professionalism and making your experience enjoyable.


Randolph P. Bosley is the lead bail agent and owner of Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding; working diligently as a liaison between families and the criminal justice system.

Randy has background as a construction manager and developer as President and CEO of Sovereign Group which has completed projects at the Seattle Seahawk Football Stadium, Seattle Opera House, Trinity Church as well as numerous other church and multi-family building projects.


He is one of the co-founders of the CDCC/ABC School of Construction Management with programs that offered conflict resolution and technical support for sub-contractors.


Randy is extrodinarily passionate about making a difference in the lives of youth and young adults. He is committed to serving by bridging the gap and building strong relationships in the community.

Sonja Basha has over 5 years of experience as a community leader, organizer, and educator specializing in social justice services in marginalized communities. Administratively, Sonja has worked with various business owners as an assistant and operations manager. Currently working as a bail agent for Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding, Sonja is committed to engaging the community in creative solutions for criminal justice and building healthy relationships with clients and their families. Building off the motto of "keepin it 100", Sonja believes in respect and honesty above all.



BJ is a social entrepreneur specializing in solutionary leadership development, facilitation, and continuous improvement. Committed to community, BJ leads events, workshops, and retreats promoting social and racial equity for local organizations and academic institutions throughout the country.



The-Anh Nguyen began servicing Washington State as a licensed bail bond agent for Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding in 2009. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Global Business Management and actively works as a community advocate and mentor to young people in the community. With his diverse employment background and growing up as a refugee (from Vietnam to Seattle) The-Anh learned to become detail oriented and well disciplined.


The-Anh is a natural born leader and has received awards from both President Clinton and the U.S. Department of Labor for his dedication towards making his community a better place. In college, he was given the Myers and Briggs-ENTJ personality type, a rare leadership quality bestowed to only 2% of those tested. Besides being our Bail Bond Agent, we also refer to The-Anh as "The Mastermind" and our leading expert in profiling/researching. The-Anh earned the name, "Mastermind" because of his strong belief in justice and his passion to seek new knowledge. Because of his substantial self-taught skills and personality, the FBI offered The-Anh an opportunity to take the Special Agent's Test, again, an offer made to only a small percentage of the 16,000 applicants.


The-Anh is passionate about redirecting people he meets to having a life filled with hope. He believes that "Hope and Inner Peace" can help end poverty and solve much of humanity's problems. The-Anh started Nguyen's Foundation LLC, to provide 'One-on-One' mentoring services and 'Dress for Success', to at-risk-youths. The-Anh has successfully helped many youth offenders re-enter into society and progress on to college.

He has been asked to serve on the King County-NAACP's as a member to the Executive Committee.


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